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Home / About / 1995 - Legend Owners Association kicks off!
Home / About / 1995 - Legend Owners Association kicks off!

1995 - Legend Owners Association kicks off!

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The start of an Association, stimulated by the growing popularity of the Legend brand of yachts.

Hunter Marine, manufacturing quality and affordable yachts in the USA had set its marketing sights on the UK. To avoid confusion with British Hunter yachts, imports to the UK and Europe were branded 'Legend'.

Buyers, eager to take advantage of safe, comfortable sailing for themselves and family members started to grow rapidly as successive Boat Shows brought the brand to the eyes of the British boat buying public.

A group of owners, recognising the growth and synergy in the mindsets and aspirations of owners, founded the Legend Owners Association in 1995. Founder Commodore Robin Tait with wife Gill and volunteers steered the Association in the early years to build the solid following enjoyed today.

In 1995, the Association attracted 65 new members - Not bad for a first year in days when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy and instant networking was still yet to come.

In the early years, the Association had a big hearted family feel with events designed to bring families together to enjoy the delights of Legend sailing and comradery.

The Association grew steadily with additional focus on sharing knowledge, supporting each other with issue resolution and ideas for upgrades/improvements. A website with a member forum followed to enhance connections and networking.

Nautical suppliers offered discounts and an annual magazine, 'Wavelines', with a members yearly Calendar enabled that feeling of 'togetherness'.

All things we continue to enjoy in the association today, over 25 years later.

The accompanying photos may express the feel of the organisation.

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